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'With my help, people can tackle anything life throws at them because they'll have fitness for the body, wellness for the mind and confidence and happiness in themselves.'
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Most people know me as The Fitness Editor for Health & Fitness Magazine. That's because, a few years ago, I drew upon my background as a competitive gymnast, and general fitness enthusiast and qualified as a level 3 Personal Fitness Trainer so I could help craft amazing bodies in a limited time, using limited kit. I also qualified as a level 2 Children's Fitness Specialist, as I believe children are our future and we need them as fit, healthy and happy as possible in order to live the best life possible. And that's a big part of who I am and what I do. But that's only the start of my story.

My true passion is guiding people toward a better life, as well
as a better body. That's why so much of my work focuses on creating opportunities for people to empower their full body self - body, mind and spirit. People lose weight and build strength with my help and learn to be healthier, happier and ultra confident in their own skin.  

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