'You will discover how much healthier, happier and stronger you can look and feel when you lead
a fitter, more balanced lifestyle.

I promise to support, guide, advise and motivate you throughout your training to help you achieve your goals no matter how big or small. Whatever you wish to achieve - lets do it together!'


So why should you train with me?

     Here are more of the benefits:
Mobile training I'm a mobile personal trainer, which means I can provide you with a professional training service either
in the comfort and privacy of your home or garden (so you don't have to worry about travel or childcare arrangements),
at your office, outside in a local park...even in my front room or shed (I have a boxing bag!) in South East London if that's what's convenient to you! I’ll bring all the equipment to you including mats, weights, resistance bands, boxing gloves and jab pads, so all you need to do is pull on your trainers and be ready to sweat it out.


     Kids Fitness classes and PT
I was lucky enough as a child to be a national gymnast so fitness and health was drummed into me at an early age.
I know lots of kids aren't as lucky. Using my fun techniques, we can get your children moving in a fun and interesting way, without them seeing it as boring 'exercise'. My sessions are FUN, informative, and will teach your child to move
in a functional, dynamic bad carefree way. I can also overhaul your children's nutrition giving you cool and interesting ways to eat healthy, nutritious meals and snacks.
Individual and group training available.

     I teach the barre method
Fresh from the USA, I'm a qualified barre teacher. This increasingly popular exercise principle incorporates the precision of pilates with the positions, grace and technique of ballet. Using your body’s own weight as resistance,
and dynamic exercises, your muscles are targeted and overloaded to the point of fatigue, then stretched for relief.
This helps create long, lean muscles, while improving your posture, flexibility and body alignment. 

     I use cool kit
Circuit training, kettlebells, boxing pads, Pilates balls, dumbbells, club bells, weighted vests. Whatever you want
I've got. My sessions are always fun and interesting!

     No gym fees
With me, there are NO extortionate sign-up fees, NO monthly membership fees ON TOP of your personal training sessions, and you get a FREE health and fitness consultation to get us started

     Flexible hours
As long as I don't have another client booked in the diary, I can train with you anytime - night or day, weekdays
or weekends - at a time to suit you.

     Nutrition - I can make you lose weight and feel great fast!
I will teach you how to make you a priority, giving you the information and plans you need to live a confident life and
feel great! With my tailored nutrition plans, you will learn to eat clean so you can lose weight and
support your training. The best part is, is I don't believe in starvation diets. You need to eat more of the right things
to lose weight - and with my approach you WILL NEVER BE HUNGRY!